Modernized trams for the City of Sofia

The estimated total eligible cost of the Project amounts to CHF 3’000'000 from which Switzerland shall provide CHF 2'550'000 or a maximum of 85% of the total eligible costs of the Project. These costs include the direct compensation of BVB by SECO for acquisition of the trams, the direct payment of the transportation services, training and project management, as well up to 85% of the costs of the multi-modal mobility study and/or measures to implement its recommendations, audit costs, information costs, other costs (miscellaneous) and contingences.

The Sofia Municipality contributes 15 % (CHF 60'000) to the costs for the multi-modal mobility study and/or measures to implement its recommendations in order to improve public transportation services in Sofia. Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC contributes 15% (CHF 390'000) corresponding to the items that are to be locally purchased or provided in kind plus 15% of audit and information costs as well as miscellaneous costs and contingencies. The locally purchased or provided items include the spare parts for revisions, tools and equipment for the workshops, discharging of trams in Sofia and adaptations of trams, electrical installations and rails in Sofia. If the total of these supplies and services do not reach the defined contribution of Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC (CHF 390'000), the difference can be made up by other contributions, including contributions in kind.

The objective of the Project "Modernized trams for the City of Sofia" is to improve the quality and accessibility of the public transportation services of the City of Sofia by donating and delivering to Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC up to 28 modernized Be 4/6 S  trams by the Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB) and and by conducting a multi-modal mobility study by the Sofia Municipality.

Each carriage has a total of 215 passenger seats. The tramways were mainly upgraded during the period 1998-2002 with a low-floor mid-sized fit for them to be accessible for disabled people and mothers with baby strollers.

Service to passengers on these tram lines improved: a) Reliability of trams; b) Comfort of the passengers and the driver; c) Accessibility of trams thanks to low-floor compartment. 


Executive Agency

Eng. Evgueniy Ganchev

Project Manager by “Stolichen Electrotransport” EAD

30 Podpolkovnik Kalitin Str.


Tel. +359 2 931 80 85



Mr. Doncho Barbalov

Project Manager by Sofia Municipality

33 Moskovska Str.

Sofia 1000


  • 28 trams are adapted to the rails used in Sofia and are in operation on lines 8, 11 and 12 of Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company;
  • 150 wattmans of Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company were trained to manage trams Be 4/6 S;
  • 80 maintenance workers of Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company were trained for the specifics of the trams Be 4/6 S;
  • New electromechanical lifting jacks, diagnostic equipment, etc. were delivered and installed for tramway repair premises;
  • Spare parts were delivered;
  • Daily use of Basel trams - about 1560 passengers per tram per day (a total of about 16 million passengers used Basel trams in 2018);
  • A Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility of Sofia Municipality was developed by 2035 and is in the process of approval by the Municipality.
  • Summary of report for census of passengers

Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB).