Trade union partnership for sustainable social and economic development

This project supported CITUB in making a new step for capacity building of the Bulgarian trade-unionists who are facing new economic, social and organizational realities and challenges in the context of globalization and the on-going world financial and economic crisis. The Swiss trade union UNIA (the partner in the project) clearly showed us that in the context of the decreasing trade union membership, neo-liberal trends of the employers and questioning of collective bargaining the way to success is based upon strategic re-orientation, including activities in several directions: increase of the role of the trade union as a political actor in the framework of the institution of the direct democracy; broader coverage of the collective agreements; adoption of new organizing an recruitment strategies; mobilizing through the carrying out of strong campaigns; as well as consolidation of the trade union structures and resources at sectoral level.

Overall objective

To contribute for the sustainable social and economic development of Bulgaria through the strengthening of the capacity and the role of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria based on the partnership and exchange of good practice examples and knowledge between the Bulgarian and Swiss Trade Unions (CITUB and Unia) on national, regional and branch level.

Specific objectives:

  1. Establishment of partnership between CITUB & Unia on national, regional and branch levels for capacity building and strengthening of CITUB and enhancing its role as a social partner contributing for the socioeconomic development of the country
  2. Transfer of Swiss expertise, experience and knowledge on Organizing, Recruitment and Campaigning on all levels

Dissemination of the results and best practices to all stakeholders in order to enhance their motivation and active citizenship attitude


BGN 330 223

Swiss funding: CHF 186 204.31

Co-financing: BGN 33 022.30


Executive Agency

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria

project manager:

Ina Atanasova


  1. 24 trade unionists from CITUB were trained and with increased capacity for recruitment and campaigning in the 2 study visits (4 days each); 2-6.02.2015 Zurich and Bern, Switzerland and 24-28.02.2015 Zurich and Biel, Switzerland
  2. Translated documents/materials providing an in-depth analysis of the recruitment, organizing and campaigning model in Switzerland
  3. Elaborated Handbook in Bulgarian language 114 pages A5 format dedicated on Organizing and Recruitment
  4. Workshop for capacity building carried out on 3-5 September 2015 in Sofia reaching an audience of 52 active participants
  5. Six Campaigns on Organizing, Recruitment and Active Citizenship were organized in the months November and December 2015 in the towns of Ruse, Burgas, Varna, Montana, Pazardjik and Blagoevgrad with the active participation of a total number of 311 people reaching potential members in the 6 planning regions of Bulgaria followed by 6 press-conferences for awareness raising. A film about the campaigns was produced and displayed during the Final Conference:
  6. The Final Conference 7-8 April 2016 „Organizing for Empowerment: Possibilities and challanges“ was carried out in Globe Congress center in Sofia and attended by 68 participants
  7. Existing and well-maintained web-site of the project:


Chris Kelley – project coordinator for UNIA
T  +41 31 350 22 82
M +41 76 302 27 15