Implementing social entrepreneurship training programme – the swiss expertise

The project contributes to fostering the development of state policies supporting social entrepreneurship, using the Swiss experience and expertise, by presenting a professional training program as an example of good practice, achieved effectiveness and sustainable results.

Together SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation and seif worked in collaboration to encourage and popularize the Swiss experience and expert knowledge in forming policies for the development and stimulation of social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria through implementing an approved training programme developed by the Swiss partner and adapted to the specific Bulgarian conditions.


  • Popularize and present the Swiss experience and expert knowledge in forming policies for the development and stimulation of social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria
  • Build a capacity for the application of the training programme for social entrepreneurship by using modern tools: a web-based E-Learning platform and a mobile phone application
  • Improve the partner relations between the organizations participating in the project, seif and the SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation


Executive Agency

SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation

Veselina Kupenova

Chairwoman of the Board of the Foundation

Address: 53 A, N. Y. Vaptsarov Blvd., East Park Trade Center,

1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone +359 885 10 85 72


The joint work of the EA and its Swiss partner – Social Entrepreneurship Initiative and Foundation (SEIF) related to the project was aimed at building the expert capacity of the EA through implementing of an innovative and recognized training program for social entrepreneurship, developed by the Swiss partner. The significant experience and the materials for the training program were presented by the Swiss experts before representatives of the Bulgarian state administration, non-governmental organizations and the media with the aim of popularizing and implementing the Swiss experience and expertise in creating policies for developing and stimulating social entrepreneurship in our country. The exchange of experience and know-how between the partners laid down the basis for a long-term partnership. Two innovative electronic instruments were developed: a web-based E-learning platform (available at and a mobile application for carrying out of the two basic training courses of the program. Both instruments – the platform and the application – are used by both partners, thus contributing to the strengthening of the technical and administrative capacity of the organizations and to their development.

Results and indicators:

  • 4 online discussion meetings of the EA with the Swiss partner conducted via Skype within the Introduction phase.
  • Developed structure, methods and materials for two training courses: “SOCIAL BUSINESS CREATION” and “SOCIAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT”. One report containing basic structure, methodology and materials for the two training courses developed.
  • Training documentation provided by the Swiss partner translated in Bulgarian.
  • 1 round table with 43 participants organized, for presenting the Swiss training approach to the stakeholders.
  • 1 lecture at Sofia University delivered by the Swiss partner, attended by 14 students.
  • 2 interviews – 1 press and 1 TV interview of the Swiss experts before Bulgarian media; 7 journalistic materials published online.
  • The full set of tools and methods of the programme adapted and tested.
  • Web-based e-learning platform fully functional at

Mobile application fully functional with the Foundation and the Swiss partner.

The EA – SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation expresses high satisfaction with the partnership with the Swiss Social Entrepreneurship Initiative and Foundation (SEIF). On one hand, it is related to the essence of the project – provision by the Swiss partner of detailed information about his training programme and, in particular, about the two training courses that are included in the project – Business Creation and Business Development. The EA was provided by the Swiss partner with useful materials and documentation. On the other hand, the EA is quite satisfied with the very partnership. The Swiss partner supported the EA in establishing contact with representatives of CTI Entrepreneurship – the Swiss national programme for entrepreneurs’ which in view of the EA is an excellent example for successful development and is very suitable for application in Bulgaria. Thus the project contributes to all the objectives of the Partnership Fund: 1) establishes institutional partnership between the Bulgarian and the Swiss partner with perspectives for a long-term cooperation; 2) contributes for solution of a development challenge – promoting social entrepreneurship; 3) enhances the capacity of the EA who benefitted from the experience of its Swiss partner. Experts from SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation were invited and became members of the Monitoring Committees for the Operational Programs “Human Resource Development 2014-2020”, “Innovations and Competitiveness 2014-2020”, “Good Governance 2014-2020” and “Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD)”. The EA continues working for the promotion of the Swiss experience and expertise in formation of policies for development and encouragement of social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria after project completion.


Prof. Mariana Christen Jakob

CEO & Founder

Address: Förrlibuckstrasse 30

8005 Zürich, Schweiz

Phone +41 44 380 16 55