HEALTHY AT WORK: Transfer of standards and practices for healthy workspace

Within the present project The Bulgarian - Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry worked along side Health promotion - Switzerland to disseminate the Swiss expertise in health management at the workplace. A key element of the project was the adaptation for Bulgaria of the criteria for the introduction by the local companies of the Swiss Friendly Work Space Label® – a standard awarded to Swiss companies with considerable achievements in the creation of healthy work conditions. The project promotes methodologies and measures that not only concern the physical health of the employees but motivates them to become more empathetic, more initiative, more loyal, while the employers on the other side become more analytic, taking care and appreciating their workers. The project created a wide partnership platform for sharing of experience for health management at the workplace, which can be built over and further developed with the aim to initiate a change in thinking and commitment at all levels for reaching “physical, psychological and social welfare” like the World Health Organization defines “health”.  

The project idea relates to the transfer of know-how and expertise in health management and health promotion at work from Switzerland through adaptation and pilot testing of policies, practices and standards for health management based on Swiss experience. The aim was to promote throughout Bulgaria the concept that the health and safety at work does not only concern the reduction of Incidents and physical risks but also the idea that all stakeholders should work together for achieving “happiness” at the workplace.  This will inevitably lead to economic added value from improved motivation of the employees, thus better quality and higher productivity as well as improved image of the employers as socially responsible organization. 


BGN 152 479

Swiss funding: CHF: 85 635.10

Co-financing: BGN 15 796.82


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The Bulgarian Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Eleonora Ivanova – Project Manager

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Within the scope of the project the Swiss Friendly Work Space label (FWS®) was adopted and prepared to be introduced – a voluntary standard for companies which perform health management and meet certain pre-defined criteria. A wide information campaign was delivered amongst over 1000  Bulgarian companies with the aim to disseminate the Swiss experience which builds on the local legal requirements for health and safety and affirms practices that make the employees more responsible towards their health and the employers – more empathic to workers’ problems. An information platform was created for sharing of experience; 7 Bulgarian experts were trained able to assist the managers to acquire specialized knowledge in the field. At the end of the project 3 companies were tested out of which 2 managed to meet the criteria to introduce the FWS® label. The project also established a wide partnership network for combined efforts to promote health at the workplace.  

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To be “healthy” at work means to also be “happy”.


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