Democracy is a Process


The objective of the project is to build the capacity of Foundation DARIK and thereby the Bulgarian journalists and representatives of media and civil society in their work to promote democratic principles of governance in Bulgaria. This project called “Democracy is a process” will include as target groups media representatives, journalists and NGO experts. In cooperation with the Swiss branch of “Reporters without borders” the project team will:

  • develop training methodology and conduct it;
  • put into practice the trained skills and
  • present to the Bulgarian audience information, interviews, analyzes, correspondences, etc. related to specific themes of community interest.
  • These materials will be included in a series of programs that will be broadcasted once a week by Darik Radio and will last 60 minutes each.
  • These materials will be used as a powerful promotional tool not only to the basic democratic principles, but also
  • to make clear and visualized the role of the Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation programme.

 The core activities of the project include:

  • Methodology development;
  • Training sessions in Bulgaria;
  • Development of concepts for practical work; preparation and broadcasting of reports;
  • Summarizing the experience, edition and print of the manual, containing the elaborated training materials.



Specific Objectives:

  • To introduce the Swiss experience in the protection and promotion of democratic principles of governance by journalists;
  • To develop a joint methodology for training of journalists themed “Democracy is a process”;
  • To create opportunities for putting into use the know-how acquired by the trained journalists through the development of their own “projects” on specific topics;
  • To promote the project results and to create conditions for sustainable use of the developed methodology;
  • To present to the Bulgarian public best democratic practices in different areas of public life in Switzerland.


  • According to “Reporters without borders” even Europe “fell from his pedestal,” while the EU “loses its status as a leader”. These problems are due to a combination of public and private influence on media in Europe.
  • Concentration of media ownership – as widespread in Eastern and Western Europe – will be further increased because of the economic difficulties that the so called traditional media face as a result of the economic recession and competition from online media.
  • For Bulgaria, however, the problem is really much more dramatic because Bulgaria takes the last place for press freedom throughout the whole EU.
  • This project aims to create conditions for increasing the capacity of the free press and media to adequately respond to public needs and interests.
  • Bulgarian society crucially needs to become more sensitive to the voices of the environment it inhabits. This could come from the media, if they do not work for political party and/ or corporate interests.
  • The major effect of the project is established excellent cooperation between Bulgarian partner – Foundation Darik, and Swiss partner – Reporters without borders (RWB) for:
    • Joint implementation of activities;
    • Exchange of good practices;
    • Transfer of Swiss expertise and know-how in support of the democratic development of Bulgarian media and civil society members.


Executing agency: DARIK Foundation


Address: 1504 Sofia, 82, Kn. Al. Dondukov Blvd.

Tel.: +359 899 91 03 28


Project Manager: Prolet Velkova



The project is related to establishment of cooperation between Bulgarian partner – Darik Foundation, and Swiss partner – Reporters without borders (RWB) for joint implementation of activities, exchange of good practices, transfer of Swiss expertise and know-how in support of the democratic development of Bulgarian media and civil society members. The project does not solve the economic problems the media sector is facing today, but it aims to create conditions for increasing the capacity of the free press and media to adequately respond to public needs and interests. In this project the National Darik Radio is natural partner of the foundation. It is one of the few remaining free media with a national audience of approximately 1 million listeners, and therefore the project team realized that implementation of this project can greatly contribute to more public sensitivity to expressions of democracy in Bulgaria. By introducing the democratic traditions of Switzerland in Bulgaria, using this as basis for the activities planned /completed and in the same time covering as many areas as possible – for example economics, health, education, pension system, culture, national security and confidentiality of personal communications, charity, etc. the project has the potential to support the capacity building process not only for Darik Foundation, but also directly or indirectly for many journalists, NGO representatives, including young people and active citizens.

REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS – Switzerland; Geneve, Switzerland