BSCC - promoting partnerships

The project proposal intended to develop and bring to a higher level the existing partnership between BSCC and SEC, while establishing on this foundation new partnerships between Bulgarian and Swiss companies. At the same time, the capacity of the implementing organisation – BSCC, was increased to achieve its objectives learning from the experience of the partner organisation SEC. A new Internet-based platform for promoting partnership, created in this project, now allows for over 70 Bulgarian enterprises to collaborate and exchange ideas for future joined business activities with Swiss companies. Carrying out a forum in Switzerland and a forum in Bulgaria also contributed to the establishment of new business partnerships and Swiss investors were attracted to Bulgaria.

The project overall objective was: Strengthening partnership between the BSCC and SEC in the field of establishing and developing business contacts between Bulgarian and Swiss companies. The specific objectives were focused on sharing experience and good practices to diversify and improve the quality of the services provided by BSCC to its members and to external companies and organisations. Improving the efficiency of the activities for attracting new members from Switzerland and Bulgaria through exchange of experience between the partners in the field of joint organisation and carrying out of business forums and events, were also some of the specific objectives of this project.


BGN 172 354.74

Swiss funding: CHF: 97 170.31

Co-financing: BGN 17 235.47


Executive Agency

Bulgarian – Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC)

Vassil Radoynovski (Head of BSCC Secretariat)


Telephone: + 359 888 420 826

The partnership between BSCC and SEC, dating back from 2004, was further strengthened through sharing experience for the benefit of both organisations. Some concrete achieved  project results included:

  • An internet-based platform was launched for promoting partnerships;
  • One forum in Switzerland was organised in cooperation with SEC and Switzerland Global Enterprise;
  • One forum in Bulgaria was organised, including site visits to Bulgarian companies;
  • As at the end of December 2013, the BSCC members have increased by 28% as compared to December 2012;
  • Three new services have been added to the service portfolio of BSCC: Advocacy, Support by the Investment Certification in Bulgaria; Evaluation of the Export Capacity;
  • For the project period there were about 200 services provided to BSCC members and 140 services to non-members;

Also, as a result of the project implementation, good foundations were laid out for future cooperation with SWISSMEM, Switzelrand Global Enterprise and Cleantech Switzerland and some Bulgarian companies and industrial chambers.

Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe (SEC)  

Max Steiner (Managing Director)


Telephone: +41 43 322 25 54