Lend a Hand - Mobile Teams for Community Support of Children and Families

Through the project "Lend a Hand - Mobile Teams for Community Support of Children and Families“ we are trying to reach people in small, isolated and remote settlements where there are no social and basic services. With setting up of four mobile teams, covering 8 municipalities, we provide social, educational and psychological support to the most deprived children and families. We help parents to improve the environment where the children live. We provide opportunities for children to meet other children, to communicate, play, to attend in kindergarten and school, to have access to specialist help when they need. All of this could be happen by mobilizing the resources of the local community, creating a network of volunteers and the development and approbation of standard mobile social service.

The aims of the implementation of the project are:

  • Capacity development of the community and SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria for providing of high quality’s social services;
  • activation of the resources in the local community and mobilization of civil support;
  • Raising the awareness and knowledge of the professionals working with children and families at risk regarding the mobile work in the community;
  • Providing access to social services for children and families at risk in the small settlements in 8 municipalities in Bulgaria through the operation of 4 mobile teams;
  • Improving the family environment of the children from 8 municipalities and increasing the parental capacity of their children;
  • Developing a proposal for a Standard for provision of the social service "Mobile social service for children and families at risk"


Executive Agency

Plamen Stoyanov

+359 2 8 184 935



This project has helped us to:

  • Set up 4 professional mobile teams to reach most children and families in need;
  • Support 779 children for living in better family environment and to have access to specialized care – speech therapist, psychologist, pedagogue;
  • To provide 2731 social-psychology’s, speech therapy and pedagogical consultations for children and their families;
  • To improve parenting skills for 531 families;
  • To do 1824 home visits in remote and isolated communities;
  • To ensure opportunities for parents to learn and share their experience in 60 group meetings;
  • To organize 70 group activities for children - opportunity for communicate, playing and skills trainings;
  • to involve 24 voluntaries to help us for organizing group activities with children and their parents, various informational meetings in the local community, home visits, collaboration with schools, kindergartens, etc .;
  • To develop of Standard for Mobile social service

“To lend a hand sometimes means that you preserve a family”, 

Tzveta Nikolova – author and radio host of “Known and Unknown”, “Hristo Botev” program of Bulgarian National Radio