Establishing of Resource Center for Social Services for Children and Families in Razgrad district


In recent years, in connection with the reforms concerning the children care, deinstitutionalization and the establishment of alternative community services in the country and particularly in Razgrad, a lot of new social services for children and families were created. Preparing Regional strategies for development of the social services contributed to the planning and the distribution of these services even in the small towns and villages. The main difficulty and obstacle in the realization of the objectives and the activities of the strategies was the lack of well trained and experienced staff for developing and improving the quality of majority of present and future social services in the region. The process of deinstitutionalization and establishing new alternative services for children deprived of parental care require new type of specialists who are capable of providing services in a family environment.  In addition, the work in the different children services – Community support centers, Rehabilitation centers, Family-Centers, specialized institutions, foster care, personal and social assistants and others, demands different, specific proficiencies and training, which the higher education institutions can’t provide.

  • One of the main objectives of the strategic planning is the improvement of the competencies of the occupied specialists in the region by establishing of a Resource center providing training, methodological support, supervision, aid in drafting procedures and other relevant activities;
  • Regional Resource Center, giving professional support to the teams, providing social services for children and families in Razgrad district will be established and it will take part in the formation of the local policies in the sphere of social services for children and families.
  • The team of the association will be able to provide trainings and supervisions;
  • Round tables in all municipalities will be organized to discuss how to improve the quality of the social services;
  • The project team will carry out a survey among the social services providers for the need of the teams to improve their qualification;
  • Training programmes will be prepared in order to improve the quality of the social services;
  • Employees in the social sphere and specialists, working for the local government and NGO sector, will be trained;
  • The Resource Center will strengthen its position as a teaching authority in the field of the social services in the region;
  • The Resource Center will develop professional expertise in the social sphere at the local level as it will continue to provide trainings and supervisions.

The Resource center for enhancing the capacity of the teams providing social services for children and families shall be established with intent to accomplish the objectives of priority axis 4: Improvement of the human resources in Razgrad district for the period 2011-2015. The capacity of specialists, working with children and families on the territory of Razgrad district, will be taken into consideration in its role as local resource, valued factor in the elaboration of Municipal development plans in the sphere of social services for children and families for the current programming period 2014-2020 of Structural funds of the European Union.

The core activities of the project included:

  • Carrying out a survey for the need of trainings and qualification among all social services providers in Razgrad district;
  • Round tables discussions at the seven municipalities in Razgrad district;
  • Training  of association’s specialists;
  • Developing methods for trainings and programmes for supervision to the Regional resource center and developing model for tender documentations for social services by the municipalities;
  • Trainings and supervision to the teams providing social services;
  • Trainings for enhancing local capacity and policy making for providing community social services.



Specific objectives:

  • Disclosure of Resource Center for Social Services for Children and Families in Razgrad district;
  • Developing capacity of the association as a training institution;
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills of the occupied in the social sphere in the region;
  • Enhancing the capacity of the municipalities to tender social services;
  • Activating NGOs to govern social services.

Overall objective (impact) is going to be achieved:

Enhancing the quality of the social services for children and families in Razgrad district through:

  • Enhancing the quality of the social resources for children and families in Razgrad district by disclosure of Resource center for trainings and
  • Strengthening the capacity of the organizations and institutions, working in the social sphere.


Executing agency: “Woman Alliance for Independence, Ethnical Tolerance and Association” NGO

Address: Razgrad, 4, “Bulgaria“ Blvd.

Project manager: Graciela Rankova


  • Established Resource Center for Social Services for Children and Families in Razgrad district – Resource center to NGO “WAIETA” for delivering trainings to specialists working in the sphere of the social services;;
  • Performed analysis based on survey for the need of improving the qualification of the teams, occupied in the social sphere – 13 centers in Razgrad district, only 2 of them didn’t look for trainings; the analysis point out that social sphere needs of knowledge and competences of the personnel should be permanently updating, regarding the changing social-demographic characterization of the population, the intense process of migration and the change in the needs of the target groups;
  • Collected, summarized and analyzed 13 /thirteen/ opinions for the specialists’ deficiencies, working with children and families;
  • Programmes and methods for the separate trainings – developed; a package of documents for planning, conducting and reporting supervision – developed; six types of methodologies were prepared:
    • Methodology for organization and management of social services for children and families;
    • Methodology for conducting training of risk evaluation in the social services;
    • Methodology for effective team work and motivation of the specialists, occupied in the social services;
    • Methodology for conducting training for adults;
    • Methodology for conducting supervision of the specialists, occupied in the social services;
    • Methodology for training of NGOs for application and management of social services, commissioned by municipalities.
  • 10 qualified association’s specialists as trainers for providing trainings, supervision and methodological support to colleagues, occupied in the social sphere; they passed 32 days/(256) hours long trainings and received certificates; the trainings included the following modules:
    • Organization and management of social services for children and families – 32 hours;
    • Risk evaluation in the social services – 16 hours;
    • Team work and motivation – 16 hours;
    • Training of trainers – 96 hours;
    • Training of supervisors in the casework – 96 hours;
  • 7 round tables discussions were conducted in all municipalities in Razgrad region; number of participants:
    • Municipality Loznitza – 10 participants;
    • Municipality Tzar Kaloyan – 15 participants;
    • Municipality Isperih – 20 participants;
    • Municipality Zavet – 10 participants;
    • Municipality Kubrat – 9 participants;
    • Municipality Samuil – 30 participants;
    • Municipality Razgrad – 19 participants.
  • A standard model documentation for the municipalities for tendering of social services – prepared;
  • Information brochures – 1000; calendars – 200; pens – 200; portfolios – 200;
  • 12 two-days trainings conducted: by one at each social service for children and families in the region;
  • 24 supervisions conducted – by two at each social service. Three of these services are in Razgrad municipality, nine – in the other municipalities;
  • 3 two-days trainings conducted; 76 trained municipal counselors and municipal administrations members;
  • 1 two-days training conducted; 8 NGOs trained.
  • Total number of personsoccupied in the social services and passed trainings – 149.


Regional Resource center for support of the specialists occupied with the social services for children and families is envisaged to become joint unit between specialists and trainers. A center like that established by „Woman Alliance for Independence, Ethnical Tolerance and Association“ – Razgrad first of all aims to support the development of other NGOs from the region concerning the possibility to develop social services, to act in partnership with local authorities, to be competitive and also to support the specialists from the existing and from the new services in different directions: researching their needs of qualification, search assistance for qualified staff, awareness about possibilities for trainings, conducting trainings, conducting supervisions and methodological support. For this purpose the project team considered to use Association’s human capacity and to invite trainers from the country, considering the needs of trainings of the social services providers. The establishment of Regional Resource center for enhancing the capacity of the teams providing social services for children and families was not be able to accomplish its strategic goals without the initial support of Razgrad Regional administration, Regional Head office “Social Welfare” – Razgrad, departments “Child Protection” in Razgrad, Isperih, Samuil, Kubrat, the local authorities represented by seven municipalities in Razgrad district: Razgrad, Isperih, Losnitsa, Tsar Kaloyan, Zavet, Kubrat and Samuil municipalities. Beyond the support of the specialists and the networking, the project enhanced and affirmed the inter-municipal and cross-sectoral partnerships. The sustainability of the Regional Resource center – Razgrad is guaranteed with the value of the trainings, which the teams of specialists, working in the sphere of social services for children and families conducted. The most reliable sustainability of one service, such as the Regional Resource center, is its demand and the relevant specialists to improve their knowledge, to improve their qualification, to learn how to become providers of social services for children and families, how to manage effectively and efficiently a social service in conditions of best involvement of the local resources. The project expands and reinforces the collaboration with the mayors of municipalities, directors of specialized institutions for children, experts, specialists in the sphere of social activities, citizen interested in the reforms of the social institutions for children and also interested in resolving the problems of children and families.