Advisory Center for Psycho-social Prevention and Consolidation of Psychological Health of Children in Risk


The main goal of the project is to develop and mobilize the social resources in the area of the social services for children in risk in Pazardzhik municipality. The project tries to mitigate the conditions of alienation, aggression and broken communication between parents and children and to prevent the children from self-injuring and other destructive behavior. The achieved results are:

  • Improved capacity of the Association in granting of social services;
  • A wider range of offered social services for children in risk;
  • A real possibility of the Association to mobilize the civil society in Pazardzhik municipality;
  • Active participation of the Association and other social organizations in the decisions process of working out of policies on municipality level;

The following activities were implemented:

Activity 1: Preparation, organization and management activities.

Activity 2: Development and application of a psycho-social program of services to improve the mental health of children and teenagers at risk;

Activity 3: Building of a cabinet for consultative help;

Activity 4: Setting up a telephone line for children and teenagers at risk and an online forum;

Activity 5: Increasing the society knowledge about the existing social services for children at risk;

Activity 6: Carrying out discussions with students about their mental health;

Activity 7: Extension of partnerships and building of a network of partnerships in Pazardzhik municipality.


Project specific objectives are:

  • To develop a complete consulting program for children at risk and their families.
  • To create a wider range of social services for children in risk and their families.
  • To make more partnerships and to build up a network in the social field in Pazardzhik municipality to make citizens more active in taking social decisions and working out different policies in the municipality.

The project impact is ensured through the developed methodology for services dealing with children at risk and through the established consultative cabinet for children at risk, emergency telephone and the online discussion forum.



Executing agency: “Together in Europe” Association,

Address: Pazardzhik 4400, 2 Gurko str. , fl. 5

Tel.: +359 889 313 684


Project manager: Adriana Ivanova


  • Expanded the range of social services for children at risk.
  • 172 persons have visited the consulting office.
  • 289 advice have been provided to children and their parents.
  • over 2000 people have reached the information materials.
  • over 1824  people have taken part in discussions under the project.
  • over 117 persons have sought experts in project and put their questions on the hotline and the online Forum.
  • Conducted over 75 individual meetings with project stakeholders – schools and institutions.
  • 12 institutions were granted the developed methodology for consultation
  • Over 300 people received  the Manual with the developed methodology.


This project is about developing a place where young people and their families can get help and advice on how to find the right way in a certain crisis situation. Moreover, an important project massage is the importance of community commitment to the problems of the children at risk. The more stakeholders and local communities are involved, the more effective is the support to children at risk.