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The President of the Swiss Confederation, Mrs. Doris Leuthard, Federal Councillor, Mrs. Micheline Calmy-Rey and the Bulgarian Minister for EU Funds Management Mr. Tomislav Donchev signed the Bilateral Framework Agreement between Bulgaria and Switzerland on 7-th of September 2010.

Through the enlargement contribution, Switzerland helps reduce economic and social disparities in the enlarged EU. Since 2007, Switzerland has contributed CHF 1 billion to projects and programmes in the ten states that joined the EU in May 2004. Bulgaria and Romania, which joined in 2007, will be supported with an additional CHF 257 million.

Тhe Swiss contribution to Bulgaria amounting to CHF 76 million will be realized trought of projects and programs.They will be managed by the Swiss party. The bilateral Framework Agreement stipulate the principles of the cooperation and define the concrete topics and processes. Switzerland will give support in areas where Bulgaria have claimed great need for catching up, and in which Switzerland can offer know-how and expertise. The areas cover topics such as security and reforms, support of the civil society, integrating minorities, environment and infrastructure, promotion of the private sector, research and education as well as supporting institutional partnerships.