Trams for Sofia

The Bulgarian capital Sofia is increasingly suffering of traffic congestion and needs an improved public transportation system, which is partially addressed by building a new metro system. The municipality of Sofia recognizes the value of keeping the existing tram network in operation, but lacks the resources to finance urgently needed infrastructure improvements (notably the replacement of aging trams). Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB) is disposing of 28 relatively recent and modernized tram railcars that correspond to what Sofia Elektrotransport (S.E.T.) needs for the urgent replacement of aging Bulgarian built trams.

The goal of the project is an increased use of the public transport system in Sofia leading to less traffic jams, reduced greenhouse gas emission and improved air quality. The reliability, accessibility, comfort and capacity of the trams will be improved. A multi- modal mobility study shall address and possibly trigger the integration of the public transportation system in Sofia (metro, trams and buses).