Objective of the Thematic Fund Security (TFS):

The objective of the TFS is to support Bulgaria in complying with the requirements to join the Schengen agreement, developing responses to societal problems in public security, as well as fighting corruption, organized and cross-border crimes.

Facts and figures of the TFS:

The TFS key results are:

  • 1 training area for police of 4 hectares entirely equipped at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior;
  • 1 training manual on police and human rights produced and 120 instructors of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior and regional senior executives trained;
  • 300 computers, 200 multimedia devices, and 100 digital cameras for juvenile police inspectors;
  • 33 police cars equipped with mobile licence plate scanners for automated checks for stolen vehicles;
  • 1 new curriculum for forensic training, including two manuals;
  • 1 multi-disciplinary and certified forensic laboratory with modern equipment;
  • 1 modern DNA analyses machine acquired;
  • 1 case management digital database on juvenile delinquency established and 100 juvenile officers trained in operating the system;
  • 5 pilot juvenile courts operational;
  • 4 blue rooms set up, equipped and opened;
  • 123 justice officials and practitioners with improved capacity in the field of juvenile justice;
  • 100 prosecutors with leadership potential with increased management and operational capacity;
  • 60 prosecutors forming a network on investigation and prosecution of environmental crime;
  • 1 Operational Duty Center securing the technical capacity of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria for independent investigations;
  • 2 shelters, one for adult victims of THB and one for children victims of THB;
  • 2 information campaigns on the prevention of THB;
  • 297 victims of trafficking assisted.


Financial information:

The Swiss funds available for TFS projects: CHF 9.850.000.  

Between 10% and 15% of funds provided by the Bulgarian Executive Agencies.



Portfolio of TFS projects:

The project portfolio of the TFS is comprised of 8 projects and 1 integrated programme:

  • “Capacity building of Forensic Experts” implemented by the Academy of the Ministry of Interior and the Research Institute of Forensic Sciences and Criminology;
  • “Increase of the control and the respect of the rules set out in the legislation protecting the environment and risk management” implemented by the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria;
  • “Counteraction to crimes related to motor vehicles” implemented by the General Directorate National Police;
  • “Juvenile Justice” implemented by the Ministry of Justice;
  • “Strengthening human rights-based policing in Bulgaria” implemented by the Academy of Ministry of Interior;
  • “Strengthening youth protection and juvenile delinquency prevention in Bulgaria” implemented by the General Directorate National Police;
  • “Increase of the integrity of prosecutors and prosecuting new challenges in organized crime” implemented by the Prosecutors Office of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • “Overcoming institutional capacity gaps to counter corruption and organized crime” implemented by the Center for the Study of Democracy;
  • “Swiss-Bulgarian Integrated Programme on the prevention of Trafficking of Human Beings and the Identification, Protection, Support, Return and Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking” implemented by the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Animus Association and IOM Bulgaria.


Swiss partners

The projects implemented under the TFS have benefited from the collaboration of numerous Swiss partners, namely:

  • Cantonal Police Neuchâtel
  • Federal Office of Justice
  • Federal Tax Authority
  • Fedpol
  • Basel Institute on Governance
  • FIZ, Zurich
  • International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) in Sion
  • Police Academy of Savatan
  • School of Forensic Sciences of the University of Lausanne


Legal basis of the TFS:

The TFS is established by the Swiss-Bulgarian Cooperation Programme to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union. It is based on the Framework Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria on 7 September 2010, its Annexes and the Thematic Fund Agreement for the Security Fund.

Responsible structures:

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Bulgarian National Coordination Unit (NCU), and the Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB) are the organs responsible for the implementation of the TFS in Bulgaria. The SIB is a consortium between TC Team Consult SA, Geneva, and Coginta, a Geneva-based NGO. The SIB is supported by local staff based in Sofia.


Swiss Intermediary Body
For justice related projects and the overall management of the TFS, contact:
Victor Prestel
Phone: +41 79 215 3744

For policing projects and the THB program, contact:
Dominique Wisler
Phone: +41 79 1968 501