In the framework of Swiss participation in the EU enlargement in 2011 was open a Bulgarian-Swiss research programme 2011-2016. The Programme aim is to promote the reduction of economic and social disparities within the enlarged EU, by supporting scientific cooperation in the form of Joint Research Projects (JRPs) between Switzerland and Bulgaria; to further enable the integration of Bulgarian researchers within international networks; to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and know-how among researchers.

The conducted research projects are in the fields of Environment (2), Agriculture (4), Waste management (1), Social inequalities (3), Development of pharmaceutical forms (2), and Innovative construction materials (1). The projects are implemented by institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia University, University of Forestry, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Plovdiv, University “Prof. Asen Zlatarov” – Burgas, Agrobioinstitute, and Universities in Bern, Basel, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, and others. In the context of the Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme, 13 joint research projects were awarded grants worth CHF 4.2 million in total.

The Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme ended in October 2016 with a conference titled "Scientific Cooperation matters: Growing Bulgarian-Swiss collaborative research". With representatives of the academies, universities and administration in attendance, the final conference looked back on the successful bilateral collaboration programme. A panel discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities that lie in store for Bulgarian science and innovation in the future.

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Videos on the 13 projects conducted under the Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme (in Bulgarian with English subtitles):

Design of modified immunoglobuin preparations with additionally induced polyspecificity for passive immunotherapy of sepsis