Inclusion of vulnerable groups

ZOV Programme – Health and Education for All – aims to improve the access of Roma and other vulnerable groups to kindergartens and elementary schools. ZOV will also aim to improve access to primary healthcare, reproductive and sexual health and mother and child healthcare. The Programme includes promotion of Roma cultural traditions and identity, improving the positive image of Roma and dissemination of good practices.

All activities are concrete and pragmatic and specifically oriented towards Roma and other vulnerable groups. Our objective is to improve the quality of the environment as to enable real integration at an early age and to improve the quality of medical services,awareness and  prevention. We believe that the social inclusion of Roma begins with children and that families are crucial for the successful integration of minorities.

Our mission is to make ZOV a sustainable programme. ZOV is closely integrated with the three partnering ministries and our goal will be to enable the ministries to continue with the successful activities under this programme.