Civil society

Legal grounds

The Reform Fund Linked to Civil Society Participation (referred to as TF CSP) is implemented in under the Thematic Fund Agreement for the Reform Fund linked to Civil Society Participation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (referred to as SDC) and the Monitoring of EU Funds Directorate of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, as the National Coordination Unit (referred to as NCU), and the Ministry of Justice, signed on 29 September 2011.

TF CSP is a part of the Framework Agreement on the implementation of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme to reduce economic and social disparities in the enlarged European Union, signed by the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria on 7 September 2010.

Implementing bodies

SDC and NCU are the responsible agencies for implementing the TF CSP. However, they have mandated a Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB) to manage the TF CSP. The SIB is a consortium of three organisations: INNOVABRIDGE Foundation, Caslano, Switzerland (a leading partner in the consortium), NEOSYS AG, Gerlafingen, Switzerland and the BALKAN INSTITUTE FOR LABOUR AND SOCIAL POLICY (BILSP), Sofia, Bulgaria.

Objectives of TF CSP

  • To promote civil society’s participation as an important development actor in the social and environmental sectors;
  • To further strengthen the NGO sector in Bulgaria.

Specific objectives of the supported projects

  • To enhance the capacity of the civil society organisations (CSOs) in pursuing their missions and implementing their activities by delivery of quality services, particularly in disadvantaged regions.
  • To strengthen the abilities of the CSOs and their networks to communicate with citizens and mobilise civic support.
  • To improve the legal and financial framework, including public financing, for organised civil society activities.
  • To activate citizens participation in public decision- and policy- making at central and municipal level (advocacy and participatory processes, etc.).
  • To increase the capacity of CSOs to monitor compliance of the public institutions with prevailing policy context.

Grant beneficiaries

TF CSP is implemented through projects of NGOs operating in the fields of environmental protection and provision of community-based social services.

Funded projects:

TF CSP provides support to 23 projects focused on the provision of community-based social services, having total budget of 3 470 718 BGN and receiving Swiss grant contribution at the amount of 1 949 064 CHF, and 13 projects tackling environmental issues with total budget of 9 465 465 BGN and Swiss grant contribution amounting 5 221 298 CHF.

27 out of these projects are implemented in smaller towns and rural areas, and 21 projects impact larger cities and Sofia.

Projects are focused on child and elderly care, care for children with specific needs, improvement of the quality of the provided services. 13 projects are focused on environmental protection.

The projects are implemented in the period October 2012 ÷ September 2016.