Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme

Welcome to the website of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme. Our aim is to have in one place the basic information for all supported initiatives and thus to draw a clear image of the effects of the Swiss Contribution for Bulgaria with its good practices and bilateral projects. Hopefully here you'll find something of interes as well. 

Through the Bulgarian-Swiss Contribution Programme Switzerland provides 76 million Swiss Francs for priority areas of mutual interes. The programme supports a total of 93 projects and 22 Doctoral students and scientific workers. The programme concluded its implementation on the 7th of December 2019. All projects are concluded and so far there is no information for a new programming period.

Five linked priorities have been identified in the course of development of the Programme in fields such as support for economic growth and improvement of the working conditions; improved social stability; improved security; environment protection; support for the civil society and project development support. These priorities are linked to the supported thematic funds and projects, detailed information for which you will find through our website. We strive to promote pilot initiatives where good practices from our Swiss partners are essential. They allow a headstart and good results which bring sustainability for a number of projects. 

In case you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to welcome you on our facebook page where project stories and upcoming events are published regularly.



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