Home Care and Assistance Services towards an Independent and Dignified Life

The European practice shows that part of the solutions related to the demographic situation in Bulgaria requires optimization of human and financial resources in the care for the elderly. In most cases, these are people with chronic diseases and permanent disabilities left alone in their homes. Home care services provided in the project are not a mechanical assembly of medical care and social support. They represent a whole new approach that allows people, despite their illnesses and other hardships, to get old in a dignified manner – in their home, where they have the memories of their whole life. A basic principle throughout the project is the creation of a common platform for collaboration between different stakeholders among them the municipal authorities, GPs, the Bulgarian Association of Professionals in Nursing Care, patients’ organisations and other national and local institutions and organizations.

Aiming at institutionalization and sustainable provision of home care services in Bulgaria, the project envisages active work in several main areas:

  1. Adaptation of the legislative basis;
  2. Approbation of the model through the establishment of four Home Care centers in the region of Vratsa;
  3. Elaboration of national quality standards for the health and social cares provided at home;
  4. Elaboration of unified training programs for the professionals engaged in the provision of home care services;
  5. Cost-pricing of the services and elaboration of sustainable mechanisms of financing;
  6. Inclusion of Roma population in the provision of home care services – both as staff and beneficiaries of the Home Care Centers.

Executive Agency

Bulgarian Red Cross

Head of project:

Dr. Nadezhda Todorovska

BRC Headquarters

76 James Bourchier Blvd.

1407 Sofia

+ 359 2 8164 708

E-mail: n.todorovska@redcross.bg

Webpage: http://www.redcross.bg


  • First legal regulation of integrated medico-social services adopted in the Health Act in September 2015;
  • Four Home Care Centers established in the municipalities of Vratsa, Krivodol, Oryahovo and Byala Slatina providing regular professional care to 430 beneficiaries /more than 700 since the project beginning/;
  • 50 workplaces created in the target region - a total of 33 home-helpers and 17 nurses have been trained and employed at the HC centers;
  • Inclusion of Roma into the home care services provision - 25% of the staff and 10 % of the beneficiaries are from Roma origin;
  • A data management software elaborated and introduced in the work of the HC Centers;
  • Awareness raised at national and local level;
  • First cost-pricing and cost-effectiveness analysis of home care services made in the project;
  • New qualification requirements elaborated for the professionals engaged in integrated medico-social services provision through the adoption of new State Educational Requirements for the Social Assistant profession by NAVET in November 2015.

To be held in September 2016

Swiss Red Cross

Mrs. Christine Rutschmann

Programme coordinator

International Cooperation

Werkstrasse 18, CH-3084 Wabern

Tel.: +41 31 387 74 18


Web: www.redcross.ch


Ministry of Health

Galina Dobreva

Expert in Intenatiomal Projects Department

Tel.: + 359 2 9301 243;

E-mail: gdobreva@mh.government.bg


Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Lyudmil Dimitrov

State Expert in „Policies for People with Disabilities, Equal opportunities and Social Aid“ Department

Tel.: + 359 882 82 54 68;

E-mail: ldimitrov@mlsp.government.bg