Policemen and children working together in fighting juvenile delinquency in Bulgaria

11 Dec 2018

On 12 December 2018, the joint work of policemen and children in mitigating the juvenile delinquency will be presented at a closing event of the project “Strengthening Youth Protection and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention in Bulgaria”. Co-financed by the Swiss government, the five-year project has been implemented by the National Police General Directorate at the Ministry of Interior.

Within the project, more than 2000 Children Police Stations are active across the country since 2016. Nearly 5 000 children aged 8-12 are acquiring skills for personal safety and adequate response in dangerous situations, as well as intolerance to anti-social behaviour and awareness about their civil rights and responsibilities. The gathered relevant information is available online on a designated website of the Ministry of Interior (Child Safety). Developed by students, this website provides useful and up-to-date advices to children and parents, as well as to youth protection officers.

The updated national police educational programme “Police Work at School” aimed at general juvenile delinquency prevention and building up models of safe children’s behaviour. Police experts have carried out more than 8 000 lectures at a total audience of 140 000 children across the country.

Nearly 300 police officer who are specialized on work with children have passed various types of trainings and share-of-experience meeting with Swiss experts on juvenile delinquency prevention. Developed within the project, a police database on juvenile delinquency and child protection is at disposal of police officers and juvenile experts. The technical equipment of the Child Pedagogical Rooms throughout the country has been modernized.

Part of the Thematic Fund Security of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme, the project has a budget of 730 000 Swiss francs, of which 85% is the Swiss contribution. The major Swiss partner of the National Police General Directorate is the Police Academy of Savatan and from Bulgarian side - several institutions as the State Agency for Child Protection, National Commission for Combating Juvenile Delinquency, Ministry of Education and Science, etc.

More about the project at: https://bit.ly/2zScDpK