29 Nov 2017

The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mr. Bisser Petkov, the Swiss Ambassador, Mr. Denis Knobel and the Mayor of Montana, Mr. Zlatko Zhivkov will attend the official ceremony for the opening of the newly-constructed building of Kindergarten 8 Prolet. The event will also be attended by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mrs. Zornitsa Roussinova, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva, representatives of local authorities, Roma organizations, Romaparents, children and citizens of the Kosharnik community

The kindergarten was built under the project implemented by  Montana Municipality within the ZOV Programme (Health and Education for All), implemented with the financial support of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme. Nearly 1,2 million leva are invested in the construction and refurbishment of  the kindergarten. The Swiss co-financing amounts 85 %, the rest is the contribution of Montana Municipality, which also invested 580,000 leva in the adjacent health center and the playground and garden around the kindergarten.

This is the first newly-constructed kindergarten in Montana in the past 32 years. The old kindergarten building which was dated according to  any educational standards, was until recently attended  by 75 children mainly of Roma origin. These 75 children from the old kindergarten will be transferred to the modern building and joined by 32 new children . The new building boastswell-equipped, bright and spacious halls for learning and catch-up activities,  a special hall for work with the parents, community meetings and festivities, as well as rooms for training and working meetings for teachers and  educational mediators. Under this programme, two new  teachers and two assistant educators have been appointed under the ZOV Programme. A mediator and 3 project-appointed teachers already work with children and parents for prevention of dropping out and catch-up classes.

The project “Roma inclusion in Montana Municipality – a comprehensive approach” within the ZOV Programme is implemented in the period 2015 – 2018 with a total budged of 2, 226, 260 leva. Working primarily in Kosharnik and Ogosta, the two Roma neighbourhoods of Montana, in the village of Gavrovnitsa and the adjacent villages Virove and Besdenitsa, the activities are focused on the most vulnerable of the vulnerable groups: the children aged between three and ten/eleven years, living in the two Montana neighbourhoods and the three villages, their parents and families, the young people and Roma without health insurances. The project  is based on the principle of an integrated approach: the infrastructural improvements for healthcare and educational institutions are supported by activities improving the quality of elementary education, to contributing to the inclusion of Roma children in  kindergartens and schools,  providing pedagogy trainings for teachers, access to primary medical services for Roma, preventive health campaigns, mediators’ work in the areas of healthcare and education. The team is dedicated to ensure good quality education for Roma children ; to increase the number of children attending the kindergarten and to create conditions for the integration of Roma children after the 4th school grade in the mainstream schools, as well as to prevent early pregnancies, provide access to gynecological and pediatric screenings and immunizations for children.  

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