Meeting of the Monitoring Committee for the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme

19 May 2017

The National Coordination Unit (NCU) for the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme presented the Annual Report for the Implementation of the programme in 2016 with the achievements under all thematic funds. 

Mr. Roland Python, Head of the Siwss Contribution Office at the Embassy of the Siwss Confederation expressed his statisfaction of the advancement for the reporting period, while stressing on the need for additional efforts from all parties to compensate the delay under certain projects. He also expressed his hope that the achieved results will be successfully integrated into long term national policies.

The NCU and the representatives from the Bulgarian Institutions had short presentations on the advancement of the implementation and specific projects. The results for 2016 show that the programme contributes for the effective and successfull improvement of the bilateral relations and the partnership between Bulgaria and Switzerland. These partnership are visible under all projects.

The presented information on the advancements and the proposed decisions were unanimously supported by the members of the Monitoring Committee.