A training center with the school in the village of Ivanski has opened today

17 Nov 2017

A training center with the school in the village of Ivanski has opened today

For the first time, students, parents and teachers worked together in the ateliers "Feasts and Customs"  and "Skillful hands" in the new training center situated at the „ Hristo Botev “ Primary School in the village of Ivanski.

The building was renovated with the support of the Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation program, which financed the activities of the Shumen Municipality Project "Interaction with the community - a factor for a better future and successful integration". There are three training halls in which educational and extra-curricular activities will be held in the so-called "catching schools", "weekend schools" and "schools for parents". They are furnished with new tables, chairs and cabinets.

"The lessons will help students to improve their Bulgarian language skills and to fill their gaps if they have difficulty with lessons on basic subjects.

 Classes in theaters, skillful hands, holidays, customs and folklore will take place in the form of games and entertainment. „Our goal is to develop their creative abilities in the field of applied, dance and theatrical art", explained Stefan Stoyanov, the school director. There meetings with parents will also be organized. Thus parents will expand their knowledge on health and education issues and will build and develop their parenting skills.

The first workshop in the atelier "Feasts and Customs" was dedicated to the family holidays and customs. "Young people communicate best through the song and the dance, so I am convinced that this is one of the ways to support the integration of the people from different ethnic groups in the community," said Penka Yordanova. In the other atelier of the new training center at the school in the village of Ivanski the skillful hands of the students and parents created colorful textiles panels. Children and parents worked together with desire and diligence and the results were excellent.

„ Hristo Botev“ Primary School in the village of Ivanski is a partner in the project of the Municipality of Shumen, implemented under the  Program „Health and Education for All“ with the financial support of Switzerland within the framework of the Swiss contribution to the enlarged European Union.