16 Jan 2018

This publication has been created under the “Network it SMART” project, implemented by the SMART Foundation with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation via the Thematic Fund “Reform Fund Linked to Civil Society Participation” and Thematic Fund “Partnership Fund” of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme (2012-2017).

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the National Coordination Unit (NCU) are the responsible agencies for implementing the Thematic Funds “Reform Fund Linked to Civil Society Participation” and “Partnership Fund” according to the stipulations of the Framework Agreement on the Implementation of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme. They have mandated a Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB) to manage the two Thematic Funds. The SIB is a consortium of three organisations: INNOVABRIDGE Foundation (Caslano, Switzerland), leading partner in the consortium, NEOSYS AG (Gerlafingen, Switzerland) and the BALKAN INSTITUTE FOR LABOUR AND SOCIAL POLICY (Sofia, Bulgaria).

The excellent partnership of the three organizations and the expert contribution of each of them to the preparation and implementation of the two funds contributed to the selection of quality projects, whose successful execution was a step in support of the major goal of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme: reducing the economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union.